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78 comments on “Life Skills”

  1. I loved the video ,I liked the eggs they looked interesting. They were cooking the eggs well with the spoon.

    1. Thank you guys for watching! And let me know if any of you guys try out the breakfast toast with and egg. Also let know what other food you want to learn how to make. Anyone interested in Chocolate Brownies? Miss you all!

    1. I'm glad you liked the banana sushi! Did you get a chance to try it? I will leave the recipe down below!

      Banana Sushi:
      -toppings (peanut butter, nutella, sprinkles, chocolate chips, etc.)
      -ziploc bag (optional)

      Peel your banana. Place toppings on your banana. Put in the freezer for 10 minutes. Cut into slices and enjoy!

    1. We miss you all too! Hope you're doing well and staying safe. Let us know what types of videos you would like to see more of!

    1. We definitely miss you guys. We hope that through the videos, you guys stay connected to us. We will soon be together again. Please let us know what other videos would you guys like to see. Thank you!

  2. Muy bonitos videosy fotos se mira que disfrutan de el programa, gracias a los que trabajadores de el programa

    1. I'm so happy to hear she tried it! What toppings did she use? What kind of videos would she like to see more of?

  3. Love watching the videos especially the Apple any celery with peanut butter. Tried doing with no coconut. Missed the day program especially Dr bob.

  4. Nice Vids. Very informative. You all look amazing. Thank you so much. It was nice seeing you all again. Stay safe.

    1. Good for you! I'm so happy to hear that. What types of videos are you interested in seeing more of?

  5. I like doing my exercises for my muscles in my hands and legs. Dr Bob teaching me how to relax my muscles is helpful

  6. Watched recycling learned how to smashed and recycled the cans. Separate the cans and put in another bag and the woods in another bag. Happy to see Dr bob and thank you.

  7. Good evening, Sir.Bob, it's good to see your appearance on the video. I did miss you. I'll be waiting for the Nature Alphabet. I'll try my best. I't looks easy, but I don't like the meat part, I'll replace it.

  8. Sir, Bob It's well done. Mr. Bob, your relaxation helps me to calm my dizziness down. It's a pleasure.

  9. Araceli, recycling bottles, cans, etc. it's not difficult because It refreshes nature so you don't have to waste tons of times making Soda cans etc. all over again, it's exhausted.

  10. I tried the sushi banana and loved it but i didn't have nutella so i used the heresy syrup instead but i don't like sprinkles

  11. I was happy to see my teacher Nina who always gives me Bistro. Now I want to eat fried chicken

    1. I miss Bistro too! I'm glad you're enjoying our videos. Fried chicken sounds yummy! Let us know what other types of videos you're interesting in watching!

  12. Nina, this Target online buying should be helpful when buying some good stuff because it's easier to chose the the stuff you want online so you don't have to waste time going to the Target store buying the stuff you want probably because of the crowds, etc.

    1. You're right and of course we are trying to stay safe which means avoiding crowds as much as possible! Glad you found the Target video helpful. Please let us know what other types of videos you're interested in watching.

  13. Nina, this video was never bad at all. Necessarily at gas stations everywhere, there's a car wash so you don't waste your time exhausting yourself washing cars because you're tired, going to the mall, etc.

  14. When you go shopping, I don't buy rotten unhealthy foods because It vomits. I choose the good foods that I like like Frozen Pizzas, Noodles, etc. I don't like meat at all. I don't buy alcohol, etc. Only healthy drinks, Sodas, etc.

  15. Isamar, I love going to Costco because It has tons of good old fashioned stuff in there. I don't like the part where it says, they don't sell pizza at Costco, but, of course they do.

    1. Sam how are you? Thank you for commenting. Wow I love costco as well they always have good snacks and lots to pick from. My favorite part of costco is sitting down and enjoying some pizza. But unfortunately due to covid you can’t sit and enjoy pizza there at the dinning area but you could buy the whole box and take it home and enjoy some yummy pizza ☺️

  16. Love to watch Dr bob doing walking and also Araceli preaparing breakfast walks the dog and also the laundry will try to practice here at home. Also take note of 4th of July project. Missed you all!

  17. It was nice seeing you all on our Zoom meeting last week! Remember we will Zoom every Thursday at 10:30am. Look out for more information being sent via mail. Looking forward to seeing you all soon! Be safe everyone!

  18. Take a walk inside the community center is only normal. Going on a walk outside like malls, plazas, etc. is much better because it give more fresh air.

  19. Necessarily, when we go out on the Dollar Tree on the community walk (only if you have the Dollar Tree Card), the problem is that we only buy like papers, mouthwash, etc. (except for sodas,etc.) which is sucks because we love getting drinks at the Dollar Tree if necessarily.

  20. Baking brownies sounds like a delicious idea cause you could put chocolate chips, m&ms, kit kat, ice cream, crunch, cookie dough, smarties, etc.

  21. Making smoothies is a delighted idea cause you could put cookie dough, kit kat, vanilla,, etc. on your own smoothies.

  22. I enjoyed the show and tell because I got to show my cat. My is very special to me. I got him at the pound when I was a little girl. His name is Frodo Baggins.

  23. I love the exercises that we are doing. Also having fun watching movies on Fidays. Would like also to watch musical movies like High School Musical, Annie, Sound of music, or grease. See you again on Zoom.

  24. I like stretching because it helps me if I feel stressed out. Today's workout video on Zoom helped me to relieve some of my stress.

  25. I Martha Esteella loves singing during karaoke days. Next time I want to sing "I want it that way" by the Backstreet boys. I enjoyed watching life skills videos specifically Dr Bob and all the others.

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