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Sandrina Kldas


My name is Sandrina Kldas, and I am a PsyD student at Alliant’s CSPP in the health psychology emphasis. I am a first -year practicum student at Life Skills Treatment Program. I was interested in joining the Life Skills Interns program because of their goal to encouraging the consumers and replacing the self-defeating behaviors with helpful skills that allows them to go independently and have achievements in life. I am interested in working with and helping individuals with Serious Mental Illnesses (SMI), so Life Skills was a good fit for me that I hoped I get to get my training at for Practicum I.

My favorite thing about the Life Skills Treatment Program is the structure its groups offer and give to its consumers. I joined the Life Skills interns’ group during the pandemic, so I unfortunately was not able to meet the consumers and get to build a connection with them in person. However, one of the great advantages of Life Skill’s treatment program is the variety of activities offered via zoom that allows me to meet most of the consumers multiple times a week and get to know each of them virtually until we get to work together in person. The flexibility of our supervisors and the staff members and their constant support are always present and helping us tremendously to gain confidence in working with the consumers. I personally appreciate their support as a first-year student who didn’t get exposed to much clinical practice before as it helps and allows me to get more familiar with the program and gain the confidence to run our own zoom group meetings along with the other interns and connect more with the consumers. I’m looking forward to learning more in Life Skills and getting to know more about the consumers during the rest of the practicum year.

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