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Tara Shultz


As a first-year graduate student at California School of Professional Psychology, I am thrilled to gain experience at Life Skills Treatment Program and to be a part of their team. I went through many paths before uncovering my desire to work in the field of mental health, and all of them helped to shape me into the person I am today. My pursuit of stand-up comedy during my younger years allowed me to reach others, even if only for a brief moment at a time. I went on to change my life course and started working with individuals living with addiction in a 12-step program. This experience awakened my passion and confirmed my interest in supporting others with mental health issues. My curiosity of how the mind works and aspiration to help led me to pursue a degree in psychology.

Today, as a first-year practicum student at Life Skills Treatment Program, I am able to get hands on experience and develop the skills that will guide me in my future career as a psychologist. Weekly zoom meetings, porch visits, and phone calls with the consumers allows me to interact and observe how diagnoses such as autism, schizophrenia, and intellectual disability affect various individuals. Life Skills provides me with the opportunity to become comfortable working with a wide range of individuals and allows me to use my interpersonal skills and previous experience to connect with the consumers in this community and be able to support them.

The experience that I have been given here at Life Skills confirms my interest in working with individuals living with psychiatric disorders. My future career aspiration is to work at a community mental health clinic working with a variety of patients, and Life Skills is providing me with an opportunity to expand my knowledge and reach my goals.

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Our job program is based on the idea that "job success" is how well we get along with others.


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