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Join our Zoom meetings held Monday through Friday at 10:30am (PST) for Karaoke, Loteria, Movies, Drumming and more.
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Life Skills In Action

A documentary produced by the staff of Life Skills Program that showcases what we accomplish every day in our community.

Community Integration

Life Skills is a Community Integration program that provides meaningful volunteer work for developmentally disabled individuals in the City of San Fernando. Our goal is to create partnerships with local businesses and government entities for onsite work. From stock work to landscaping, Life Skills jobbers are known in the community by their bright orange vests. At the end of the day, we all win and if we are lucky we will make a new friend.
Many people with developmental disabilities live on the margins and miss the opportunity to engage in a routine way with others in the community. Our program seeks to break down these old barriers to full community participation. Working side by side with others in the community builds self-respect and connection with others.


Operating Hours are Monday thru Friday from 9am to 3pm


Transportation to and from the program is provided at no cost to the consumer.

Admission Contact

Eric Brotman, Ph.D. Administrator
Cell: (818) 898.1926

Life Skills Day Program is vendored with NLACRC. If you have any complaints regarding Life Skills you may contact CA Department of Developmental Services.
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Our Mission

Our job program is based on the idea that "job success" is how well we get along with others.


Complaints about LifeSkills?

Phone: (916) 654.1987

Admission Contact

Eric Brotman, Ph.D.
Cell: (818) 898.1926
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