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Who We Are

Life Skills is a Community Integration program that provides meaningful volunteer work for developmental disabled individuals in the City of San Fernando. Our goal is to create partnerships with local businesses and government entities for onsite work. From stock work to landscaping, Life Skills jobbers are known in the community by their bright orange vests. At the end of the day we all win and if we are lucky, we will make a new friend or two.
Life Skills Community Car Wash

Community Cash Wash

Not just any old car wash. This is wet and wild Life Skills wash. Every Wednesday we are open for business. Come get your dirty wheels cleaned in the church parking lot 215 N Macneil St, San Fernando. Where can you outside and inside spic and span for $5.00.
Life Skills Micro-enterprise

Micro-Enterprise Solution

Micro-enterprise gives consumers the opportunity to be captain of their own ship. Small crews made up of three to four consumers join together and perform jobs in the community for local businesses.
Life Skills Shredding


Life Skills secure shredding services provides secure document shredding. Shredding services are available to businesses and individuals with no minimum pound requirement. Not only does shredding provide great jobs but is good for the environment. We are careful to safeguard identities and confidential information, It doesn't end here. After the shredding we recycle the the goods sell to our local business partner at the recycling center. That means more for our jobbers.
Life Skills Beautification

Beautification Program

Our beautification program is in it's third year. Our crews regularly clean up the San Fernando Mission trail, Maclay St, San Fernando Park, and area surrounding the courthouse. You can see our people twice a week with their orange vests and nifty grabbers making the environment a clean attractive.


Woodworking is an age old art that anyone with a little grit and determination can succeed it. Our woodwork begins with old chairs and furniture that neighbors and people in the know bring to Life Skills. Our jobbers sand, putty and prepare the piece for finish. The last step is a carefully application of pain or sealer. We use a variety of both hand and power tools. Customers pay our workers directly for a job well done. Sanding wood is a great fit for many of our folks who enjoy repetitive tasks.
Life Skills Janitorial


Our janitorial crew of three to four consumers just completed a job at GoodYear tire in San Fernando. Our crews consist of three guys and one woman who spend the morning moving tires, sweeping and mopping the floors.

Working With San Fernando Businesses

You can reach out and see if our consumers are a good good fit for your business needs. We can expand the list of services offered for the right fit. Consider what an impact you could have!
Life Skills Program logo image

Our Mission

Our job program is based on the idea that "job success" is how well we get along with others.


Complaints about LifeSkills?

Phone: (916) 654.1987

Admission Contact

Eric Brotman, Ph.D.
Cell: (818) 898.1926
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