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Teaching seminar's, offering internships, connecting consumers with businesses
Life Skills Seminar's and Internships

Educational Seminars

Professionals and the Regional Center community on topics such as autism, dual diagnosis, positive behavioral support and mental health issues. Seminars are conducted by Smart Seminars. CEU credits available.
Life Skills training Interns

Psychology Intern Program

Life Skills is an approved psychology intern site and is accredited by the California Psychology Internship Council. Psychology interns come from California School of Professional Psychology and other graduate schools in Southern California.
Raising Awareness

Developmental Disability Awareness

Life Skills was awarded a grant by The California Council on Developmental Disabilities entitled envelopment.
Lecture Series by Robert Myatt Ph.D.

Disability Awareness Educational

The grant produced a lecture series prepared and conducted by Robert Myatt Ph.D. The grant program provided training psychology interns and other mental health professionals in how to work with the developmentally disabled individuals.

Working With San Fernando Businesses

You can reach out and see if our consumers are a good good fit for your business needs. We can expand the list of services offered for the right fit. Consider what an impact you could have!
Life Skills Program logo image

Our Mission

Our job program is based on the idea that "job success" is how well we get along with others.


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Eric Brotman, Ph.D.
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